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Friday, 14 March 2014


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I agree about the under-utilisation of schools and colleges, but increasing use will require paying people to faciliate the activities - and paying school caretakers, administrators etc to make it all happen. It also needs a large number of people who are willing to regularly invest their time (and a small but significant amount of money) to attend these courses. In the olden days we had 'evening classes' - I even ran some of these - and the uptake of online MOOCs clearly shows there is a continuing appetite for non-assessed learning. Until recently I was a governor at a local secondary school, and we worked hard to make use of our facilities in the evening. We had a deal with a local college who ran several evening courses, but that was still only a very few rooms out of the many classrooms on site; most of our income came from clubs using our sports hall. So it isn't simply about opening the space, it is about managing it and developing a community who regularly make use of it.

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