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Wednesday, 07 November 2012


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Hmmmmm. Half agree Terry! ( well would you expect or even seek total agreement?) I am not so sure that the need for educational change comes so much from the forces of technological change as from climate change and economic change! I do agree however that ther is lot of need for new thinking and digital ones and noughts can be a part of that new thinking.

I agree, Alastair, that climate change and socio-economic change are key issues that should be having an impact on the debate about educational purpose. Do you know the work of Keri Facer (whose video I embedded in this blog post)? I am currently reading her excellent book 'Learning Futures: Education, Technology and Social Change'. In it she identifies nine key factors that she believes we must address in order to 'future-proof' education against what she calls 'socio-technical change'. Four of her nine factors relate to technology but they also include:

'Energy, mineral resources and climate warming will remain significant issues.'

'We are starting from a base of radical national and global inequalities.'

So she is definitely on your side regarding the importance of climate and economic issues.

(Of course it is deeply depressing that whilst educators should be wrestling with these enormous and challenging issues all we hear from the Secretary of State for Education are calls for 'traditional blazer and ties uniform' and - yesterday - a declaration that exams make children happy. Charles Dickens' Mr Gradgrind rearranges the deck chairs on the Titanic while Rome burns - to collide several metaphors!)

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