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Tuesday, 06 March 2012


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It's nice to see reference to these aspects of my experiences. Thanks Terry.

I've been searching my bookcase and the internet for details of a short story by John Steinbeck but to no avail. I had thought it was in his book 'Pastures of Heaven'. Wherever it is located, I read this 40 years or so ago. It tells of a chap, a bit of a drifter, who arrives in town and gradually the kids elect to spend time with him, sitting I seem to remember on a large bending branch above a river, and talking about all manner of subjects - history, science, literature etc. Needless to say, the school board and general adult society become increasingly uncomfortable about this and, I think I'm remembering correctly, contrive to ensure the drifter's sticky end.

It was a desperately romantic (e.g. no CRB check!) and somewhat contrived tale but I thought it tapped into that belief that many of us harbour - that much important learning (and teaching) does indeed take place 'off piste'.


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